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Car Tracking System

Our car tracking system helps fleet managers to track their fleet by providing them tracking information in real-time, speed limit, route management, and other numerous features.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Our GPS vehicle tracking system solution consists of a tracking device that fits inside your car or truck dashboard and captures the location data and other info from different sensors.

GPS Tracking Systems

Vehicle Tracking Qatar offers real-time GPS tracking solutions for transportation businesses which include rental cab operators, tour operators, logistics firms, and many more.

Fleet Management Software

The custom-made fleet management software developed by Infotech Pioneers provides you the ability to track and manage your vehicle fleet in real time.
  • Real Time Live Tracking
  • GEO-Fence
  • Route History

Any tracking system is only as good as how fast it can pass information. So, what better than having it in real time. Equipped with latest GPS technology, our tracking system provides details in real time.

Do you want to restrict the movement of your vehicle within a particular area? If yes, the geo-fencing feature with smart alarm systems will be ideal for you.

Knowing the route history will help you gauge a lot of aspects such as efficiency, driving habits and also alternative routes when required, as well.

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We are one of the most renowned IT Consulting firms in Qatar providing world class services and IT software solutions to cross businesses and corporates.
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Why We're the Best Choice for This Job

We already have experience in this type of logistics software, so we are well aware of all the nuances of effective fleet management. We help our customers reduce paperwork, save fuel using real-time GPS technology, and make each trip as efficient and profitable as possible. Our team has great experience in creating fleet vehicle tracking solutions with up-to-the-minute speed and location updates.
  • State of the art Tracking Features
  • Fast and Reliable
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unique Hardware
  • Secured
  • Custom made Applications

Why use a Vehicle Tracking System?

In today’s challenging business environment, company’s competitive edge depends on its ability to maximize efficiency and reduce costs while keeping customers happy. ITP’s cutting edge, low maintenance GPS and Mobile enabled Vehicle Tracking Systems can give you that cutting edge to succeed.
Vehicle fleets are used by businesses to deliver goods and services to their customers by road. Businesses and fleet owners find it difficult to track the movement of the vehicle in real time to ensure consignments arrive at destination on time. As business owner or supply chain manager, you need to wait until the driver calls or the shipment to reach the destination to understand how your goods are moving.

Vehicle Tracking System use cases for businesses:

School Buses

With the help of the VTS system, parents will be provided with real-time data regarding the location of the school bus by the system operator. This ensures safety of their children and better confidence on the school transport facility.

Taxis and Cabs

Taxi fleet owners can get real-time data regarding the running time, driver behaviour and safety and security of assets and passengers, helping owners monitor driver behaviour and prevent undue use of their cabs.


The logistics industry is highly benefited by the VTS which provides details on the fleet status, location and the time taken for delivery of the goods. This provides a hassle free and transparent environment for both logistics managers and drivers

Personal Tracking and Anti-theft (Individuals)

When fitted with the VTS, stolen vehicles can be recovered by tracking the location and ensuring appropriate recovery methods are taken with the help of the police. A huge cost and time can be saved and safety of your vehicles can be guaranteed.

Corporate Vehicles

Companies needing to track valuable assets for insurance or other monitoring purposes can now plot the real-time asset location on a map and closely monitor movement and operating status.

Car Rental

Provides complete tracking details of the rental fleets to vendors who provide daily transportation facilities to big and small organization. A huge operational cost can be reduced and efficiency improved by the VTS, for organizations.

City Services

In City services VTS helps to get real-time locations of vehicles at the dashboard with distance traveled, maximum speed, average speed, and fuel consumptions.

Interstate Buses

VTS helps the interstate bus owners to get real time location details for each location point and provides alerts when the vehicle passes through various geographical boundaries.


Real-time data regarding the location of the ambulances helps quick pick up of the patient and timely medical care to be provided.

House Delivery Vehicles

Home delivery of goods and services can be improved by the VTS system by highlighting traffic zones and guiding the driver to reach the location by using traffic free areas. This helps the vendor cover more number of orders and increase sales and business growth.


VTS helps track assets and cargo from location to another and prevent undue wastage of travel time by the drivers or any misuse of the vehicles.


VTS helps sand mining industries to track the real time position of the vehicle involved in the mining and transporting activity.


Vehicle Tracking System enables police services by providing better emergency call response time in reaching the troubled spot in the shortest possible time.


VTS help in efficient utilization of defence vehicle with better coordination in any emergency situations including those caused by natural calamities such as floods.

Cash Vans

Real time tracking of cash vans helps to identify and stop unauthorised use of the vehicles and ensure better security system.

Fire and Rescue

Provides real time tracking of fire and rescue vehicles and notify any emergency that occur.

Small Boats

Tracking marine assets is simple and convenient with vts which provides accurate location of your small boats in river.

House Boats

Tracking marine assets is simple and convenient with vts which provides accurate location of your house boats in river.


VTS for tractors are extremely powerful, and allow you to monitor and effectively manage your fleet at any time.


Real-time tracking using avoid accidents. VTS will be integrated with Google Maps and will be accessible through range of mobile devices & computers and can provide exact location of a train.

Government Services

Helps to keep track of government assets and vehicles by real time tracking and give live updates of vehicle positioning.

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