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Retail Store Security Solutions

Keep in control of your store with our durable solutions.
Cart Security
Cart Security is designed to protect your shopping carts. You will no longer lose sight of your carts because your customers will no longer be able to roll them off your property.
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Basket Security
Basket Security has been developed to mitigate basket and merchandise theft. Your customer can take the shopping basket to any part of the store, except outside.
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Checkout Security
Check Out Security prevents theft from your store. Each shopping cart is registered upon entry and the cart can only leave the store if it passes the check out..
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Cart Management
The smart wheel automatically collects data from your customers while shopping without storing any personal data. All data is collected anonymous.
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Why Use Our Solutions

  • 01

    Best In Class

    Advanced technology, high quality materials, durable and low maintenance costs.
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    Return on Investment Is Your Result

    Your investment in our solutions pays off quickly. ROI less than one year is the general rule rather than the exception.
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    12 month warranty.
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    Dynamic and Customer Service Driven

    Always the right, customized solution based on the wishes of the customer.
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    In-House Expertise

    R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.
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    Long lifetime, low energy consumption and environmental friendly.

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