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Ensuring School Children Safety

School Bus Tracking Solutions

Parents, teachers and school authorities can get relaxed about student safety in the school bus. Our school bus tracking apps can help you get real-time location updates about the children and school bus via push notifications or SMS.

Explore Our School Bus Tracking Features

  • data-collection

    School Bus Route Planner

    School bus routing and scheduling is always a hectic process for transport managers but it can done without much stress than earlier with our data collection methods- Route Planner, User Interface and Automatic Data Collection.
  • auto-optimisation

    Auto Optimization

    The system optimizes the route automatically based on the starting and end point of school bus trip as it is in-built AI. It aligns more than 1 pickup point to make shortest route possible.
  • online-payment-system

    Online Payment System

    he TrackSchoolBus System helps parent to make online payment for school fee, bus fare and many other expenses in school via Parent App.
  • trip-card

    Trip Card

    Handling school transportation for multiple schools is quite a challenging task for school transport providers, but it can be done easily with Trip Card integrated into our TrackSchoolBus system.
  • tracking-management

    Tracking Management

    With our TrackSchoolBus system, concerned people can track the school bus easily as we have customized apps for every individual user such as parent, transport manager, etc.
  • Driver-assesment

    Driver Assessment

    TrackSchoolBus features ‘Driver Assessment’ - an evaluation method to help Transport Managers identify skill sets and knowledge of individual school bus drivers.
  • auto-routing

    Auto Routing

    With our TrackSchoolBus System, transport managers can make the process of school bus routing easier as our system has auto routing feature. It collects data automatically from the system and prepares the route.
  • auto-allocation

    Auto Allocation

    Our TrackSchoolBus system automatically allocates vehicles optimally to school bus routes depending on its seating capacity, bus stops, number of students, etc.

    Excursion Management

    Managing children in an excursion trip can be made easy and hassle-free with TrackSchoolBus System. With this, Transport Managers can plan and execute the trip efficiently and moreover smart bands are also provided to students for additional safety.

    Two Factor Attendance

    It is an advanced form of ensuring student safety to and from school as it provides real-time updates about the student to parents, teachers and school authorities as well.
  • Integration-with-School-ERP-logo

    Integration with School ERP

    TrackSchoolBus software can be easily integrated with your school’s existing ERP. It offer secure data migration with backup and restore facility.
  • dgitial-video-recorder

    MDVR for fleet managers

    MDVR is a system used in school buses to ensure safety measures. It has many features like real-time monitoring, audio-video recordings and sensors to assure student safety.


Create an account for school after getting into an agreement
Will receive the hardware
Technician will come to school and install it
Setting up user profiles, vehicles, routes, etc
Printing and providing RFID cards to students
Sharing user credential and mobile app link to parents
Driver and bus assistant will get notified about which trip & route they have to take via mobile
Mobile app will show the route, bus stops, students, etc in their mobile
Students can mark their attendance by swiping the card while boarding and unboarding on the vehicle
Parents will get notification about the real-time location of the vehicle in their mobile

Our School Bus Tracking Apps

Parent App

Worried about the safety of your school going children? Here is the solution- Parent App. With this app, you can get real-time updates about your children and many more.

School Transport Manager App

Now you can manage your school bus fleets efficiently without any hassle with our School Transport Manager App. It helps in vehicle maintenance, route optimization, etc.

Fleet Manager App

View and manage your assigned school bus fleets easily and smoothly with our Fleet Manager App.

School Bus Attendant App

If you are a school bus driver facing issue in managing students and performing your tasks? We have a solution- Driver Console App. It helps to monitor students, communicate with parents, etc.

Driver Console App

If you are a school bus driver facing issue in managing students and performing your tasks? We have a solution- Driver Console App. It helps to monitor students, communicate with parents, etc.

Teacher App

A perfect way for teachers to know student presence & make attendance marking effortless.

Do you need our School Bus Tracking Solution? Let us know and we will be happy to make you an offer.

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