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Road Safety Solutions

Infotech Pioneers aim to leverage technology to improve road safety
Vehicle Speed Governors
Speed Governor is an electronic fuel control road speed limiter that increases engine life, fuel efficiency, and reduces maintenance cost of your vehicles.
  • Fuel Type Speed Governors
  • Cable Type Speed Governors
  • Electronic Pedal Interface Speed Governors

    Speeding has been identified as one of the top three reasons for road crashes and deaths across the globe. This makes speed management a very important tool for improving road safety. Speed Governor is a device which can limit the vehicle speed to a preset limit, thus improving vehicle efficiency and road safety.

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Vehicle Tracking Systems (VTS)
Our TANK (Tracking and Navigation Kit) Vehicle Tracking System enables live tracking of trucks, container lorries, school buses or cars in taxi fleet. By virtue of live tracking, our web and mobile app can display vehicle speed, acceleration, running time, idle time, tracing past path, speed violations etc.

Vehicle Tracking Systems can help improve mobile worker productivity and increase customer satisfaction while delivering significant savings on labor, fuel and other expenses.

  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Reduced Liabilities & Insurance Costs
  • Over Speed Indicator
  • Route Replay
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Why Use Our Solutions

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    Best In Class

    Advanced technology, high quality materials, durable and low maintenance costs.
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    Return on Investment Is Your Result

    Your investment in our solutions pays off quickly. ROI less than one year is the general rule rather than the exception.
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    12 month warranty.
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    Dynamic and Customer Service Driven

    Always the right, customized solution based on the wishes of the customer.
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    In-House Expertise

    R&D, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.
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    Long lifetime, low energy consumption and environmental friendly.

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